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chlo or hue my name is chlo , she or any prns i dislike me, dni if 21+.

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i love listening to kpop, and watching crime documentarys.
\(゚ー゚\) no thanks..
racist,rcta,homophobic, toxic people, furries

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art: @winteraespa on tumblr

racist, rcta/ecta, homophobic, toxic people, furries, islamphobic, transphobic , toxic bts/kpop fan, fatshames , asks people to slit, uses kys and kms in the next level, dni if 21+, or -12 (under the age of 12)

loves Talking online , playing games w my friends , drawing digitally & irl , watching yt , listening to music (SPOTIFY) , plays hsr, says kms and kys jokes, listens to kpop, likes to watch crime documentarys (cause idk, cause i like documentarys)


i make carrds, decorative ones, I don't do pro ones, unless if its avaliable atp. dm me to make you a carrd. please send a picture/inspo of a carrd you want to make. i only accept payments such as, nitro

needs carrd pro to make a carrd, gory carrds such as blood , gore.

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